Understands and Listens To His Clients

Where to start! I purchased my house in 2012 with the help of Harrison. After being with another realtor for about 4 months and seeing over 50 plus home and nothing that worked for me I felt like I had hit a wall. I dropped my realtor and reached out to family and friends to refer someone who could get the job done! I am very picky and after seeing as many houses as I did I had a clear understanding of what I wanted and didn’t want to waste any more time since I was running up against a rental deadline and had already wasted so much with the prior realtor. That’s were Harrison came in! 

I remember emailing Harrison and he said when would you like to go out! I was elated at the quick response and after sending him a long and draw out email about “what I was looking for” and my urgency to find this “perfect home” in a rush he took me out to look at 4 home on that Friday at the end of the week! 

It took us visiting about 4 homes in one day from Friday-Saturday for about 3 weekends to find my perfect home! 3 weekends, that’s got to be record breaking time somewhere! He was very professional, set me up within in the home system (which my prior realtor never did) and sent me emails daily and by the end of the week we would have plan’s and addresses! 

In the end I got a turnkey home (which I figured I could never get within my budget) that was fully renovated with all the amenities and he even managed to negotiate a fence into our contract. Now that’s a realtor that is working for his client!
I had just had a baby and was looking to finally settle down with my little family and Harrison helped me achieve all of this under my budget! UNDER MY BUDGET! He’s awesome and understands the market, understands and listens to his clients and never tries to change your visions of what YOU the home owner wants! 

This is my first home and won’t be my last and within a few years if he is still working in the market I will  reach out to him again to find my forever home!

— Nakia D. (Capitol Heights, MD) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️