Personable, flexible and helpful

If we could give him more stars, we would. He was everything — and then some — that we needed in a realtor.

First, he understood that this was a transaction about people, not just about a building. He talked to us for a good bit about who we were, what was motivating us, and what we needed out of the realtor relationship, etc. before he started talking about the house. That reflects his approach: people first.

He’s very personable, excited about his work, and he knows the city and the market. He knows what kind of people want to move into which neighborhood, and what motivates them. He can talk about the little things that catch people’s eyes or turns them off.

He gave us *excellent* advice about how to get ready to show the house. How to do enough but not kill ourselves with unnecessary work. What would make the most difference to people when they were liking at our house.

The person he uses for photography/video is excellent! *Everyone* commented on how great the pictures made our house look.

He did a lot with social media and outreach to other realtors. Put it all together and we had about 100 people go through our house in 5 days and had 5 very solid offers in less than a week.

He gave us the information to make a wise pricing decision, which had a huge effect on our success as well.

His assistant Kendall is so on top of things, patient and helpful. Love her!

In short, I’m overjoyed with our experience with him. He was personable, agreeable, flexible, and helpful. Please, work with him!

— Kelly B. (Washington, DC) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️