Patient and Respectful

Harrison made us homeowners! He was patient as my spouse and I tried to figure out what we wanted, since we weren’t sure when we started looking, and showed us tons of options. At the same time, he was respectful of our preferences as they changed, then suggested changes along the same lines. After losing a couple of bidding wars, we were a little heartbroken, but Harrison showed us other options and told us just what we needed to do in order to avoid (or win) another war. Mission accomplished! We moved into our condo four months ago, and it’s going great! And Harrison has been great in keeping up with his clients; he has fantastic networking events at local pubs/restaurants, so you get to meet like-minded folk while also supporting local businesses. I highly recommend Harrison. He’s a Hoya (can’t go wrong there!) and he’s especially good with first-time homebuyers.

— Vonetta Y. (Washington, DC) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️