Genuine, Caring and Knowledgeable

Harrison Beacher helped me purchase my 1st home through the NACA program.  For anyone that knows anything about NACA you may know how time consuming such a program can be.  Nonetheless, Harrison in my opinion is the “unofficial” NACA Home Buying Process Guru!  NACA is an AMAZING Program!

He was recommended to me by one of my colleagues after sharing a few horror stories with him about my “Realtor” search.  My colleague made the connection by speaking with Harrison to ensure that it was okay to share his contact information with me (if you know anything about Harrison you know the only word that came out of his mouth was “yes.”)

Being new to the home buying process once Harrison and I met it was evident that he was more than just a Realtor; he was a genuine, knowledgeable, caring and funny guy.  He gathered some information from me to be sure that he would show me homes that met my wants, needs, and desires.  His knowledge of the home buying process along with his vast experience with first time home buyers was remarkable.  We saw at least 10-15 houses, and every time we went into a house he checked the hvac system, electrical connections, and the hot water heater.  If these things did not appear to be in fair shape he was quick to point that out (often referencing the cost of such upgrades and/or repairs).  He was always responsive via text message and email; and I know I drove him crazy with the amount of messages I sent.  

After seeing so many homes, in late February I thought I found the home I wanted.  We immediately put an offer in and Harrison made sure that any correspondence he received was sent directly to me. At the time of my offer the seller’s agent assured Harrison that my offer was the only one they received and they were expecting one more.  Thus, days went by, Harrison reached out to the seller’s agent but got no response.  It ended up becoming a game as I started to watch the listing daily to see if/when the status would change.  It changed one day and I immediately notified Harrison.  Unfortunately, when he reached out to the sellers agent they said it must have been a mistake because they had not accepted an offer yet.  Eventually, after several days had passed by the sellers agent notified us that they accepted another offer.  I was EXTREMELY disappointed, but Harrison quickly stepped in and ensured me that things would work out for me..and they did!  

A few days later on a Wednesday morning we agreed to see 3 houses.  We went to the first one and it wasn’t up to my liking.  We then went to the second house and as we pulled up on the street we both said to each other “isn’t this where one of the first houses we saw was located”..and rest assure it was! One of the first houses we saw as “realtor/buyer tandem” was next to the home we were going to view. This particular house had just been listed 24hrs ago and as we looked at the the listing before we walked inside we were trying to figure out where the third level was (of course Harrison said there is no way this house has a third level).  To our surprise, it did have a third level and it showed very well.  The seller added a third floor that is the master level.  After spending about 20-30 minutes viewing the property we were on to the third and final viewing.  To our surprise the lock box on that property was not working properly and we never had the chance to view that property.  LUCKY for me because I had fallen in love with the 2nd property and decided to make an offer.  Harrison had another appointment, but we agreed that as soon as he was done he would meet me at my office to get the offer together.  We completed the offer that same evening and submitted it.  The seller countered and I accepted! That property is now mine!  None of this would have been possible without Harrison.  Not only did I have a great Realtor, I now have a lifelong friend!  

If you are looking for a new home, Harrison is your guy!  He’s absolutely amazing! Although he does not “work” for me anymore he sends emails and text messages often to see how the house is coming along and when can he stop by to see the progress.

Thanks DJ Beach!

— Tyrone A. (Washington, DC) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️