Completely on Top of His Game

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Harrison Beacher in purchasing our first home this summer and are thrilled to recommend him to one and all. Harrison is that rare combination of competence and collegiality  He’s completely on top of his game and provided us the reassurances we needed from moment one. In fact, our path with Harrison started at one of the “New Homebuyer Seminars” he and his equally competent colleague Matt Sines hold periodically all over the DMV. It was in that initial session that we appreciated for the first time all that the purchase of a home would entail. Though daunting at first, with Harrison at our side it somehow all felt methodical, manageable, and exciting.  

First, Harrison has the kind of expert knowledge of the city that only a native could possess. He knows not only the hard facts of a neighborhood today, but where trends and indicators say that neighborhood is headed – a critically important skill in DC’s rapidly changing market. He’ll teach you about zoning laws that serve as unseen markers of what your future home and community could become – for better and for worse – and he’ll take you to hidden gems that you didn’t know existed. 

Second, Harrison will be available to you. My husband typically works nights, meaning our schedule was harder than most to accommodate. This didn’t phase Harrison, who somehow seemed always to be available to hop out for a couple quick viewings (and to give us a ride home afterwards!). When we found a place we wanted, Harrison even made himself available on Mother’s Day to show the place to my parents. That’s Harrison – he’ll be there when it matters.

He also moves quickly because he knows DC’s highly competitive market necessitates it. He also knows that reality doesn’t make the process less nerve wracking – an inevitable feeling that Harrison combats with demonstrated competence. When we made our offer, we did it knowing that we could trust Harrison’s guidance.  Throughout the offer process, he kept us informed, calm, and organized.

Third, as a new homeowner, Harrison has spent the last two years learning the ins and outs of home renovation and upgrades.  His knowledge base is so comprehensive that I had to periodically remind myself that he isn’t actually a plumber or roofer or landscaper on the side.  This knowledge means that when you walk in to a house, he can speak authoritatively about what it would cost and involve to personalize or upgrade this or that fixture or appliance.  Ultimately, this helps you feel like you know what you’re getting in to.  

Finally, Harrison loves his job. The satisfaction that he gets from helping people find their dream home is obvious and his enthusiasm is contagious.  We couldn’t have asked for a realtor who cared more about our needs and hopes than Harrison.  We considered Harrison a partner in our search.  We think you will too.

— Joanna M. (Washington, DC) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️